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Susan Rintoul, Believe and Succeed Life Coaching and associate with Laurence Rumming Assessments

As a life coach I have the priviledge of helping people get excited about their lives. Like you, I know it is easy to get caught up in the day to day business and busyness of life and not slow long enough to ponder what is important or worse know what I believe is important but not acted on it…yet. Larry called me on this one just today so I am writing on his blog! He wanted me to write about what it means to be a life coach. Shouldn’t be tough right, I have been a certified life coach for five years. I love what I do… so why am I stuck? Hmm sounds like a good conversation to have with a life coach. I’ll play!

Coach Susan: Hi Susan what would you like to accomplish today

Self: Well by the end of today’s session I would like to know how to move forward with writing an article for a friend’s blog about my coaching business; Believe & Succeed.

Coach Susan: You are clear on what you would like us to work on today Susan, how will you measure our success?

Self: I think I will know we have succeeded if I know what’s bugging me and why I am having a hard time writing this article. I mean I love coaching and it’s great to be working with Larry. We work really well together and our clients consistently give us positive feedback. Plus I get paid to do what I love so how come I am stuck?

Coach Susan: Could you talk a bit more about that stuck.

Self: Sure, usually when have an idea I have no problem writing. I just can’t seem to get this article done. It’s driving me crazy and I am sure I am beginning to drive Larry crazy. That makes me feel bad too.

Coach Susan: You love what you do, you work well with Larry, you are struggling to get the article down on paper and worried that you are letting your associate down.

Self: Yah that would be really bad if I let Larry down he has done so much to move our business forward.

Coach Susan: The thought of disapointing Larry is really distressing for you and you like to follow through on commitments. Would it be fair to say you value harmony and integrity?

Self: (laughing) Harmony and integrity, I do hold those values close. My Myers-Briggs personality type even confirms that.

Coach Susan: With core values of harmony and integrity getting this article done is going to be even more important to you than it might be to someone else. That sounds like a lot of pressure. Would you be will to try something for me.

Self: Uh OK.

Coach Susan: Let’s just shelve the article for a moment we will come back to it later Ok

Self: Uh hu (nodding)

Coach Susan: Tell me about your favourite part of working with coaching clients

Self: That’s easy it’s that moment when they have their own “aha” and figure out what’s really important to them. They suddenly remember who they are. It’s like they rediscover their authentic self and forget about all the stuff that gets in the way. When they have a compelling reason they can move forward, take action. Action is acually the easy part.

Coach Susan: I know that moment well. It is an awesome priviledge to share that moment. You say action is the easy part. What do you mean.

Self: In my experience when people figure out their core values or have their aha then action usually follows quite naturally. I mean I work with clients to hold them accountable while they are developing a new behavior but the action is not usually the problem. It’s living in line with their values.

Coach Susan: Are you open to being challenged here?

Self: Sure.

Coach Susan: You and I know what we are talking about when we use these words like authentic self but don’t you think the business world is going to think that is a bit …”airy fairy”

Self: Good call…I am passionate about what I do and I can sound “touchy feely” when I talk about coaching but the funny thing is I know that is not how my clients experience it. I mean good grief I work with everyone from commercial fishmen to corporate executives. Larry would even say I have a knack with crusty old guys! I have strong empathy thats true but I am also able to adapt my questions to whoever I am working with. In fact that is one of the things I love about using Myers-Briggs as an assessment. When I debreif an assessment with a client it is not only and opportunity to have a very powerful conversation but it also helps me to get to know them and their preferences. I get clues for how to adapt my language and style.

Coach Susan: You really light up when you talk about coaching and assessments. How about if we take writing the article off the shelf and have another look at it would that be ok?

Self: Sure

Coach Susan: So when we started you said you were stuck in you writing about coaching and yet when we spoke about it you seemed to have lots to say. What do you think is going on there?

Self: You know its funny, we didn’t even really talk about it but I think one of the challenges for me is that I like people to experience what coaching is much more than I like to talk about it. I also think that my passion for coaching might come out sounding touchy feely and that that might turn people off.

Coach Susan: Any ideas what you might like to do about that

Self: Yah actually its pretty easy. Clients who might be interested in working with me experience an intital brief complimentary session and then together we decide if we are a good fit. In fact I like to give my clients a three questions to answer for themselves before we move forward
1. Can I trust you
2. Do you care about me
3. Can you really help me
If a client can answer yes to these three questions and there are no acute mental health problems then usually we work quite well together.

Coach Susan: We have just about 5 minutes left in our time together. I just want to check in with you and see if you got what you wanted from our session You said you wanted to be able to move forward with writing an article about coaching and even more so you wanted to figure out what was bugging you about writing the article. How are you feeling about that now?


Coach Susan: Are you ready to sit down and write that article

Self: Absolutely, infact I think I just wrote it most of it

Coach Susan: Great, I will look forward to seeing it on the LRAssessments blog!

So bottom line for me is I am passionate about coaching, and I like you to experience my style before we move forward. If you would like to focus on career transition,creativity, family relationships, business development, sprirituality or simply want more from your life please feel free to email me to arrange a mutually agreeable time for a complimentary session.

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Background in business management, in particular human resources. Business Management Certificate, Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and Strong Interest Inventory®. "Our passion is to raise the potential of organizations and individuals through the understanding of human interaction in the workplace and in life."
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