What are you afraid of?

I have been struggling lately and for a while was not sure why.  I attended the Economic Summit put on by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo.  It was a two day event with some good speakers and seminars with a lot of information for me to think about and take home to ponder for our business.

At the same time, my business partner Susan was attending a conference in Phoenix called ‘Body of Work’ put on by Pam Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation. She came back charged and excited and continued the learning by taking a course for the following week on the basis of the work that we do with individuals and organizations.

At the same time I participated in a virtual conference called the ‘Great Work MBA’ put together by Michael Bungay Stanier of Box of Crayons.  This exceptional conference brought together interviews with 25 highly respected personalities speaking on everything from personal growth to corporate management.

I was bombarded by these learning experiences and what they meant to our business and when Susan and I got together I found myself challenging what she was learning and putting up barriers on the information.

My reaction scared me and it wasn’t until I re-read the materials and listened again to the interviews that the words of Nilofer Merchant and Brené Brown from the ‘Great Work MBA’ resonated with me.  I was ‘stuck’ because of fear!  I had overdosed somewhat on the amount of valuable information and was afraid I would not be able to catch up and learn what I needed to know for our business.  The fear was around what I didn’t know and I had forgotten what I did know.

The most valuable lesson I learned from the ‘Great Work MBA’ and Susan was that we must face our fears.  We do our great work when we are uncomfortable and the adrenaline is flowing.

So, what are you afraid of and how is it getting in the way of you doing your Great Work?

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Background in business management, in particular human resources. Business Management Certificate, Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and Strong Interest Inventory®. "Our passion is to raise the potential of organizations and individuals through the understanding of human interaction in the workplace and in life."
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