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Are You Wasting Your Talents?

Are you wasting your talents and walking away from income? Over the years I have seen managers and entrepreneurs take on work that not only could be done more effectively by someone else but takes away from what they do … Continue reading

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Business as Usual….Not!

We lead our day-to-day lives, busy, nose to the grindstone, trying to keep the business going whether we are an employee or owner. Sometimes we are too close, don’t see the changes going on around us. There is huge importance … Continue reading

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Change Happens!

Whether you have a business, in a career, or work in the trades, daily events shape what you will be doing tomorrow. It used to be that whatever happened in your town was all that really affected you.  No more! We … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper…which way?

Which way do you put a new roll on the holder? I have always put the new roll on so that it rolls towards me off the top of the roll…always.  If I find it has been done otherwise, I … Continue reading

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  This is the time when you may look back on the previous year and resolve to do things differently whether it is in your work, health, education or relationships. While you may want to move in this direction, you … Continue reading

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