How do you make decisions?

The other day I was coming in from gardening, pleased with my accomplishments, both hands full of hand tools when my heel caught on the step on our patio.  In an instant I knew I could not avoid going down onto the unforgiving concrete of the lower level of the patio.

What followed in the thought process was not entirely rational but nonetheless was clear in the next fraction of a second.  “Can’t land on phone in left hand pocket, Is anything sharp in my hands, protect my head, that hurt, my knee, my shoulder, my hand, am I bleeding, move slowly, am I ok?”

With the exception of my pride I came through it with only a few bruises and was relieved that no-one witnessed my abysmal lack of coordination!

When it comes to business and our daily lives, thankfully we don’t generally have to make split second decisions like this.  We have time to focus on the importance, the impact, and logical sequence of the decisions.

Having a clear focus on what is or isn’t important to us in our personal and business lives helps to clarify decisions when we need to.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® can be very useful in understanding how personality preferences influence decision-making.  The assessment, when debriefed by a certified administrator, allows you to learn and appreciate your natural decision-making style.  For more information on Personality Type, visit our website at

For the moment my focus will be to stay upright!

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Background in business management, in particular human resources. Business Management Certificate, Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and Strong Interest Inventory®. "Our passion is to raise the potential of organizations and individuals through the understanding of human interaction in the workplace and in life."
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