$7 Cauliflower!!!!

Time to bring things closer to home

To say we live in interesting times is an understatement!  Someone sneezes halfway around the world and we are impacted.  If a new mill starts up somewhere it can change our markets here at home.  When I was growing up ‘global markets’ meant what was happening in Vancouver, now look at it!

Right now the impact is felt not only by business but by individuals.  We are seeing dramatic increases in the price of food, which impacts our daily living and for some the ability to maintain a healthy diet.  Restaurants will likely feel the effect as well as it will force them to increase the cost of their meals resulting in less traffic through their doors.

There is both necessity and opportunity in this.  As individuals we can grow a lot of what we need.  If we do not have the garden space, there are community gardens in many cities.  Buying fresh at local farm markets will support the local producers.  With more bought locally, the producers will be encouraged to expand and new ones will come into the market.

We have the land, the expertise, and the opportunity to create a healthy and viable farming community on Vancouver Island, one that reduces our reliance on external markets.  Those on fixed incomes and those who have financial or medical challenges may have difficulty maintaining a healthy diet if the cost of produce increases more.  This will have ramifications in other areas so finding/creating alternatives is a necessity.

What will it take to bring it closer to home?

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