Working with the want-to-be entrepreneurs is truly inspiring.  They are a step ahead of most of us as we only have the idea of a business buried in our mind. We are not willing to expose ourselves to the risks of stepping off the treadmill, losing the security in our jobs, whether we like what we do or not.

Some are ready to go with their idea and have researched it to death, while others only have the spark of an idea and need a lot of guidance to develop and flesh out the business plan.

Not all business ideas will work and, if they do their research well, this will become evident as they move through the process.  The business plan is important as it tells you whether you should proceed or not.  It may not be the idea, but the wrong market.  It could be too much competition or lack of capital, but they need to be commended for taking that first step in exploring the possibility of bringing their dream to reality.

Sometimes the ideas are for the usual businesses one would find in a community, but other times they see a very unique opportunity.  I enjoy seeing the light in their eyes and the excitement in their voice when they describe what they are going to do.

The ones that fail in this planning process many times are the ones who are wanting to do it strictly for the money.  To be a truly successful entrepreneur you need to have the passion to follow your dream.

Do what you love to do and the money will follow

                                                                        Marsha Sinetar

If you have an idea but are not sure of how to proceed visit our website at for links to self-employment resources.


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