Stress is Different for Everyone!

Last week I rode the BC Ferry to Vancouver in my brief escape from paradise and watched the crew cope with the motion of the ship in the uncaring wind and waves.  At one point someone who actually braved the deck opened the door and the ‘Wet Floor’ sign scurried 20 feet across the floor and napkins flew from the tables like a flock of Starlings.

Not everyone rides the waves in comfort and I could see the pale, gaunt looks on some of the faces of the passengers.  For some it was the queasiness from the pounding wave action and for others the terrifying thought of sinking!  Certainly a stressful situation for some.

Through this the crew had to keep doing their job in the dining area.  They glided between the tables and customers like choreographed skaters while the passengers were clinging to the tables, chairs, and each other in an attempt to find comfortable seating.

Although seemingly nonchalant about the situation it must be stressful for the crew as there are now multiple hazards in the workplace and certainly people could get hurt.

On my way to the ferry I passed a city crew valiantly trying to work in the deluge and coping with the new watercourses forming constantly.  I can’t imagine anyone happy to work in these situations.

I feel very lucky.  My stressful times are when I run out of BBQ propane when the meal is half done, when my laser printer runs out of toner in the middle of a project, or not remembering where I stored a file on the computer.  Not game changers!  I’m not wet, I’m not having to concentrate on walking while carrying a tray of dishes on a moving floor … very lucky!

It would do us well to think of others …. Before we complain!

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