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There are a great many people who think that it is only retirees who come to Vancouver Island.  While it is true many do, the island attracts families and empty-nesters as well.

Some are drawn to the island because of previous vacations and they fell in love with the mild winters and breathtaking scenery.  Some were raised here and their parents are aging so they have returned to look after them.  Still others had their parents retire here, and while they never lived here themselves, they have come to be by their parents.

Those who come here for the slower pace usually settle on the east side of the island, in communities from Duncan to Comox.  In many cases they have moved from larger communities across Canada.  They come for the lifestyle provided by the vibrant arts community, Vancouver Island Symphony, multitude of golf courses, and of course the beauty of the island.

For those who want a faster pace, Victoria is the choice with its beautiful gardens, Parliament buildings, Inner Harbour, and old world charm with a British flair.

The empty nesters are not ready to retire and generally bring a variety of skills and experience with them.  This is a welcome addition to the local businesses and some start their own businesses adding to the economic diversity of the island.

Those of us who were lucky enough to be born and raised on the island can understand why they are here.  But more than that we appreciate the fact they are bringing their skills to the island, paying taxes here, and supporting local businesses.

In addition they support local societies through their attendance and participation in Island events such as; Rock of the Woods Music Festival in the Cowichan Valley, The Chemainus Festival of Murals, Symphony by the Sea and World Famous Bathtub Race in Nanaimo, Parksville Sandcastle Competition, Filberg Festival, and the many other events on the island.

No, they are not just ‘retirees’, they are from all walks of life and a vibrant part of our communities, enhancing them as they enjoy the lifestyle!

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