Car Shows

I had the good fortune to be able to accompany an exhibitor to the Father’s Day Show and Shine in beautiful Qualicum Beach recently.  This show attracts everything from Rat Rods to Custom Show Cars to very rare, one-off Restorations.  The show is restricted to 600 entries and line the streets of the downtown area.

To the thousands of spectators it is an opportunity to see beautiful vehicles that have undergone hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of amazing craftsmanship and engineering to reach their show condition.  There is also the thousands of dollars that accompany that work.

In sitting with the exhibit I began to realize there was much more to the show than looki-loos ogling the vehicles.  It was an amazing example of networking.  It transcended Introverts and Extroverts because of the common denominator … vehicles.

The spectators had stories.  They might have owned a vehicle like that or they had one at home and were anxious to restore or customize it and were full of questions.  The exhibitors were only too willing to share their stories and suggestions of what to do or where to get parts and information.

The exhibitors shared the stories of the journey to get their car to the show condition and the enthusiasm was infectious!  They inspected each other’s vehicles questioning techniques, painting tricks, parts information, etc.

It was an extremely valuable example of how to network by identifying a common interest with others.  In seeking employment, clients or customers, networking is crucial to get your results.  Even if you dislike networking, you will be more likely to engage on a topic you are passionate about.

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