Information or ‘Fake News’?

Whether you are a business owner, business manager, or an employee, the common thread is knowledge of community.  If you don’t know what is going on in the community, you will miss out on valuable information affecting your business or occupation.

Every day in your community there are changes that may affect you.  They may be changes to business regulations, competition, customer needs and wants, new product lines, new educational opportunities, or transportation changes that affect how your customers or employees get to your place of business.

How connected are you?  Where will you find the information that is relevant to you or your business.  In today’s world, there are almost too many options, overloading us with sometimes irrelevant information.  We need to choose what makes the most sense for us.

There are physical newspapers, on-line newspapers, blogs, social media, radio, television, all displaying their version of what is happening.  In addition, there are municipal websites, local educational websites, and more to keep you abreast of the local scene.  You can belong to BNI groups, Service Clubs, Professional organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and so on.

We all live busy lives so need to be careful with our time while guarding against what has come to be called ‘fake news’.  There is often a grey line between fact and opinion.  There is the sensationalism, or focusing on the emotional aspects of an issue, not what is behind it.  A television news reporter years ago referred to it as ‘infotainment’.

The better your network and your choice of where you get your information, the better your decisions will be for moving forward.  Don’t just accept information …. question it!  While we sometimes would just like to close the door and ignore the world outside, it is important that we pay attention.  Our livelihoods depend on it!

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Background in business management, in particular human resources. Business Management Certificate, Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and Strong Interest Inventory®. "Our passion is to raise the potential of organizations and individuals through the understanding of human interaction in the workplace and in life."
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