Getting There from Here

The world is changing when it comes to commuting, especially within communities. It seems there are too many cars, all headed in the same direction, with one person in them.

In Vancouver, they have Sky Train, West Coast Express, excellent bus system, bike lanes, and they still have a problem.  The commuters see the bike lanes as an infringement on their access to the city.  In some cases, the transit systems do not service the areas where they can afford to live.

On Vancouver Island, we have a problem as people live in one community and work in another.  There is very limited transit available between them.  Busses do run, but not necessarily at the times you need.  This necessitates using your vehicle as it would be somewhat of a marathon to take your bike.

Vancouver has angered the driving population as well as the business population with the bike lanes on its main thoroughfares.  Nanaimo is spending $850,000 on bike lanes in 2017.  Want to bet that raises some ire amongst the driving community!  Victoria is going through a similar challenge. They started constructing their protected bike lanes in October 2016 and businesses on some of the streets are upset as it will reduce or eliminate parking in front of their establishments.

A couple of years ago we were in Munich, Germany and it was amazing the number of bicycles we saw.  Instead of parking lots outside of apartment blocks there were hundreds of bike racks.  In Munich, 17% of all traffic is bicycle.  80% of the population own bicycles.  They have 1200 km. of dedicated bike paths.  All one-way streets are open both ways for cyclists. Some streets are restricted to 30 km. per hour, allowing for a mix of vehicles and cyclists.  We are a little behind Munich as they started in this direction in 1992.

There are those who will ride bikes, those who will not.  There are those who would if it was safer.  There are those who would if they could afford to live closer to work.  There are challenges to be sure but we need to encourage safe, healthy, green modes of commuting as we approach grid-lock in some of our communities.

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