Merry Christmas

T’is the Season, Christmas is in the air, on the air, in the stores, in the traffic, everywhere!

I was asked by my family, “What did I want for Christmas?”  They wanted a list of things they could buy.  I am in the third act of my life so that is a difficult task.  I have too much now and learned a long time ago that giving is much more enjoyable than receiving.

I am also at a stage where, if I want something, I go and get it.  That really upsets the gift giving crowd!  I have sort of returned to childhood where I want it now.

The truth of the matter is the things I would like, can’t be bought.  I would like the egos in charge to take a trip to the moon and leave the rest of us in peace.  You can assign your favourite names to the seats on that spaceship.  I would like cures for the problematic diseases to end the suffering.  I would like to see education and health as a priority instead of an afterthought.

Most of all I would like everyone to look around with gratitude and marvel at the gift of life.  Cherish your family and friends and rejoice at what you have, not what you want.  Treat everyone with kindness and respect, you do not know what they are going through.

I would like to see smiles on everyone’s face as they pass a potential friend.  It’s free and it can change a life!  Merry Christmas to all as a greeting of love no matter who you are, or who you worship.

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Background in business management, in particular human resources. Business Management Certificate, Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and Strong Interest Inventory®. "Our passion is to raise the potential of organizations and individuals through the understanding of human interaction in the workplace and in life."
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