Good, Bad, and the Ugly

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the way we live work and play.

Growing up, the reference walls in the school or public libraries were lined with encyclopedias and other reference materials.  Encyclopedias were sold door-to-door and adorned the bookshelves in many homes.  Some had Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book Encyclopedia, and others Grolier.  These books were carefully researched, and update books were available annually.

The good is that we have more information at our fingertips than at any other time in history.  If you need to know how to do anything, it is on the internet somewhere.  It provides a venue for the arts and events worldwide.

The bad is that the information is not necessarily correct, or the best information.  Case in point; I needed to change the headlight in my truck.  I had tried to figure it out on my own but could not see a reasonable way to get at it.  The Youtube video was very good giving step-by-step instructions on removing the grill and other parts of the front end to gain access to the burned-out bulb.

This seemed a tad extreme to replace a headlight.  I could not believe that the Detroit engineers could have designed something so inconvenient, but then again, they could have been the same ones who thought it convenient to put the fuel pump into the gas tank.

Fortunately, I read to the bottom of the comments on the video and the last comment was, “I used these”, and it was a picture of a pair of slip-joint pliers.  I got mine out of the toolbox and replaced the bulb from the back in a couple of minutes.

The ugly is there are those with too much time on their hands who deliberately put false or dangerous information on the web for unsuspecting users.  Malware, viruses and phishing are all too common.

The bottom line is use caution.  When looking for something on the web, use more than one source of information and compare so that you can make an educated decision.  Remember that nothing comes without a price and if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Be careful out there in cyberland!

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Background in business management, in particular human resources. Business Management Certificate, Certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and Strong Interest Inventory®. "Our passion is to raise the potential of organizations and individuals through the understanding of human interaction in the workplace and in life."
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