Road Rage

Today I witnessed Road Rage first hand.  It ended without physical contact and, while it did not involve me, I quite easily could have been a casualty.

The light changed and the car to my right and myself began to move through the intersection.  The car beside me accelerated faster and when the woman was about a car-length ahead I heard the screaming of an engine and a white Mustang accelerated and stopped about a foot from the back of the Lady’s car.

Sensing that something was about to happen, I slowed down and as I did the Mustang cut me off and sped ahead swerving in front of the Lady and braking hard.  The lady also braked hard and luckily stayed in her lane as, by this time, I was alongside her.  The driver of the Mustang then accelerated up a side street waving a one-finger salute.

Obviously, the woman did something that displeased the driver of the Mustang, but nothing is worth endangering others.  It also points out that there are people out there with unresolved anger issues that are dangerously close to doing something serious that will hurt themselves and others.

We read about those who go into workplaces and kill fellow employees and it seems distant and not something we can relate to.  Road rage is no different.  This Mustang driver had a weapon, a high- powered car, that in the right situation could have disastrous results.  He also appeared intent to ‘get even’ by his actions.

I don’t have the answer as to what causes a person to become unhinged to the point of being potentially destructive.  Could it be drugs, alcohol, lack of maturity, a mental issue perhaps, but why?  To what end?  What will it prove?  Maybe I’m just an old guy, tired of spitting into the wind, but I just walk away.  There are no winners here.

Just because of attitude, I can imagine how much fun the guy in the Mustang is going to be to work with today.

Be careful out there.

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