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The Business of Business

When some think of business men and women, they think of them as successful, they have a good life with all the money they could want.  Other’s think of fast food chains and the success that must go with it … Continue reading

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Island Proud!

With a potential Trade War looming in the not to distant future, there have been Nationalistic movements on both sides of the US/Canada border.  The truth is we don’t realize how much we depend on the Global Marketplace for our … Continue reading

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Who are They Really?

This post departs a little from the norm in that it as a bit of a rant.  A magazine that I respect and read cover to cover religiously has just posted its annual ‘Top 100 Businesses in British Columbia” as … Continue reading

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The annual Dragon Boat event took place in Nanaimo this past weekend.  The value of community really is evident by the sheer numbers involved in creating a successful event.  A volunteer board contributing hundreds of hours.  Save-On Foods sponsoring the … Continue reading

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Canada Day 2018

Wow!  One Hundred and Fifty-one years young!  Our vastness has been both a benefit and a curse.  Economic Development has been a challenge as it has flourished where transportation is prevalent and slow where the cost of moving goods is … Continue reading

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