Canada Day 2018

Wow!  One Hundred and Fifty-one years young!  Our vastness has been both a benefit and a curse.  Economic Development has been a challenge as it has flourished where transportation is prevalent and slow where the cost of moving goods is high.

Each region has had its sector of the economy although it ebbs and flows as the demands of the market change.  Once reliant on ourselves for food and necessities, we are now part of a global market.  We now consume foods that we only read about in books 60 years ago and much of the food is subject to scrutiny and recalls as production sometimes comes into question.

I always remember my father talking about the Great Depression.  He said that on Vancouver Island they didn’t have it that bad.  He said that they all had big gardens, and some had livestock.  They would trade vegetables for meat and vice-versa.  They did not have to rely on buying imported products.  If it was imported, it came from Vancouver.

We are at an interesting point in our history.  We have an exploding senior’s population.  The economy is good.  The unemployment rate is low and jobs plentiful.  Many occupations are struggling to find workers.  We are potentially on the brink of a trade war, which could seriously slow the economy.

For future Canada Days, I would like to see Canadians, wherever possible, buy Canadian.  Supporting local economies is the the best way of building Canada.  I know that some say that local is too expensive, but they fail to see the benefit of having the money stay in the community and spent on other goods and services from businesses paying local taxes and employing local citizens.

In some ways we need to return to a simpler life and pay attention to our neighbours rather than cheap labour half way around the world.

Celebrate by going to your local markets eh!

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