Island Proud!

With a potential Trade War looming in the not to distant future, there have been Nationalistic movements on both sides of the US/Canada border.  The truth is we don’t realize how much we depend on the Global Marketplace for our everyday living.  Growing up in Nanaimo we didn’t see the array of fruits and vegetables that we see today in the supermarket.  If it was not in our garden, or on the Malkin’s truck, we didn’t have it.  Also, everything was organic because we did not know of pesticides and herbicides.  Manure and water were the two necessities for plant life at that time.

Before the talk of Trade Wars, the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance embarked on a project to heighten the knowledge of consumers on Vancouver Island to the food products produced locally.  In talking to consumers, most either had difficulty finding local products or were unaware of what was being produced.

‘Island Good’ point of sale campaign by VIEA was launched this spring to bring awareness and help shoppers identify locally sourced food products.  Thrifty Foods, Country Grocer, Quality Foods, and 49th Parallel Grocery all stepped up to the plate to help with the project.  In the end, the goal is to have every product ‘grown’ or ‘made’ on Vancouver Island identified by a label.

This is not about ‘Trade Wars’, it has a much deeper meaning.  It is about supporting the local economy and, wherever possible, choosing to support your neighbours.  The local economy pays local and provincial taxes, and employs local people, who also pay taxes.  In turn, these employees buy other local goods and services, and so on.

Look for the label, ‘Island Good’ and support the businesses who have stepped up to the plate to work on this project with VIEA, and the food producers on Vancouver Island.  Be Island Proud, you will be part of an extremely valuable initiative and enjoy the benefit of top quality products!

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