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What is success?  Not a simple question.  Success means different things to different folk.  It can be finding a convenient parking spaces on Saturday at Costco.  To others it is reaching a financial goal in business.  Some may attribute success … Continue reading

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How do you keep informed?

Whether you are in business, a community volunteer, or just an interested community participant, you need to know what is going on.  The challenge is finding out what works for you.  Extroverts will belong to organizations, attend all of the … Continue reading

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Politics and Business

We are at that time in our British Columbia communities where we need to choose our leaders, whether it be municipal, regional district or School District.   My frustration is in hearing many of our local business owners/operators say they can’t … Continue reading

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Service, or Lack Thereof

I recently had the opportunity to deal with two competing utility companies.  The first approached me to upgrade our equipment.  We agreed on the day for the service and I was advised they would be there between 9 and 11 … Continue reading

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Values, Ethics, and Other Things

I know you can’t go back, and I know that society changes, but there are some things that puzzle me. The other day a 12 year old said, “I can’t read this.”  I thought it might be something technical or … Continue reading

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