Values, Ethics, and Other Things

I know you can’t go back, and I know that society changes, but there are some things that puzzle me.

The other day a 12 year old said, “I can’t read this.”  I thought it might be something technical or something written in an unfamiliar language.  It was handwriting!  They were never taught handwriting in school!  This is problematic because until all the older folks like me move on, there is going to be handwriting to contend with.

There also seems to be a parental movement with the expectation that the teachers are going to teach their children things like values, ethics, nutrition, and the facts of life.  These are parental duties!  Parents are the mentors and role models for their children and they can’t abrogate that responsibility.  Teachers have enough to do with the lesson curriculum, without raising the children as well.

At one time, girls took home economics and the boys took shop.  I know that is sexist and there was a movement towards these subjects being co-ed.  We now have families who were never raised in households that owned a toolbox, whether to work on a car, do home maintenance, or build something.  As a result, we have children who have little knowledge with these things and many are not getting it in school.

Hindsight is 20/20, and if I had known that computers were around the corner I would have taken the commercial program instead of University program so that I could have taken typing and learned how to touch type.  Who knew that would be useful!  Actually, had the school system seen the computers coming they might have made typing part of both programs.

Society as a whole has changed as well, when it comes to our values and ethics and how we express them.  Politics is an example.  We are now more polarized in our views.  We either love them or hate them.  We have lost the realization that we live in a democratic society and vote for our choice.  When it doesn’t go as we wish, we no longer work with our elected representative to make change, instead we feel free to vilify our leaders on social media, as if Facebook would be able to change the outcome. Perhaps a long-lost desire to emulate the king of chaos south of the border

Will things continue to change?  Of course they will.  Us older folk worry, and wonder how the children will cope.  We forget that they don’t know any different so for them they just do what comes naturally.  We, on the other hand have to cope with everything that has changed over our lifetime. Change is not bad, just different.

One day, the children will wonder too!

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