Money’s Worth

Don’t get me wrong, I like staying at hotels that have all of the amenities.  What I don’t like is staying at high priced hotels that are not maintained to my picky standards.  I’m not talking about how you are greeted at reception or the fantastic location.  I am talking about the facility itself.

I do not want the doors to squeak.  I want them to close properly.  I expect them to be plumbed correctly and not have cold where it says hot and vice-versa.  When it says it has a kitchen, I would like it have pots with lids and a frying pan that has retained its non-stick coating.  I expect the coffee carafe to be compatible with the coffee maker.

I recently had the above experience and while we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, these little items bugged me and did interfere with my enjoyment to some degree.  Am I too picky?  Perhaps, but where does one draw the line?  Some would probably say that I’m the one to blame for choosing to let the nit-picking interfere with my enjoyment.  And, they may be right!

How many times do we let insignificant things interfere with our daily appreciation of the things around us?   We get wrapped up in things that are beyond our control.  We need to sometimes ask ourselves if anyone is going to get hurt or suffer as a result of what is happening and, if not, walk away and enjoy the moments in front of you and those you are with.

Choose you battles carefully and be aware if you are actually battling yourself!

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