Is It Just Me?

A major telecommunications company has had a major equipment failure that affected a large percentage of the population.  This has disrupted email communication for the everyday user including small business.  While an inconvenience for the personal user, it is a potential loss of business for the small business that relies on email for connecting with their sales.

A few months ago, a gas pipeline failed and left people in British Columbia rationing their use of the natural resource.  Many businesses had to curtail production as a result.  BC Hydro is now building Site C dam to provide us with power into the future.  This will be the major source of electrical power in the province.  We seem to be relying heavily on two major sources of energy that could fail, or be a target, leaving the province in dire straits.

Why not move to solar, as they have in many countries, so that each home and business would not be so reliant on single sources of energy?  At one time we were more self-sustaining.  We grew our own vegetables, bought eggs, milk and meat from our neighbours, not from another country.  Today we text people sitting twenty feet away or email the office next door instead of face-to-face conversation.  Our international leaders have conferences on saving the environment and travel to where it is in jets and luxury ships.

As a society, we are obsessed with the use of plastic but are now finding it has a downside and is affecting the environment.  So instead of going after the producers we have created industries to re-purpose it into other products that will prolong its life and it still won’t go away.  Government logic – blame the consumer, not the manufacturer.

Technology is doing some amazing things in the medical and other fields, but in others, it is changing our interaction with our neighbours and the world and not always in a good way.  We have people who believe anything on the internet and do not verify the source then distribute it to more ‘believers’.  It is so easy to create mayhem!  We have children who cannot read or write without using technology.

As my late father used to say, “It’s progress, but in which direction?”  I wonder at what point we will be educated beyond our intelligence, or have we arrived?

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