What Happened to the Passion?

I remember listening to Robert Fulghum at a Rotary International conference in Portland Oregon in 1990.  Prior to this conference I had never heard of him.  He had a simple delivery of common sense that made you realize that common sense isn’t that common at all!

He relayed the story of asking a 5-year-old girl what she wanted to be when she grew up.  The girl said, “a dancer”, and performed a pirouette for him.  There were no boundaries to her ambition at that age.  But ask that girl the same question when in college and the reply was different. “Oh no, I couldn’t be a dancer!”

Between the aged of 5 and 18, parents, teachers, and peers, have all messed with the boundaries of what she could do.  They took away the passion.

We don’t mean to, but we limit what our children can do through our own views and opinions.  The environment our children grow up in, whether at school, home, or at play, sets the stage for what they perceive to be the limits of their development.  We have come a long way from ‘girls can only be secretaries’, but we still have a long way to go!

Our grandchildren will be doing jobs that don’t even exist today.  Their opportunities are endless so we need to be positive in our conversations with them.  In my experience working with the unemployed, it was sad to see the number of 40-year-old people who had regrets for not following their passion.  Most did not because of the pressure of others at the time.  Now for many it was seen as too late as they had debts and family to consider.

Open the doors for the young, don’t put obstacles that don’t exist in their way.  Let them realize their passion!

“The best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life”   Richard Branson

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Where are we going?

There is a trend in North America, at the moment, to obliterate history, which you really cannot do because you can’t go back and change it.  Public buildings are being renamed and statues and flags are disappearing from the landscape causing tensions to rise to a troublesome level.

If having these things there today is causing pain and suffering today, that is one thing, but our history defines who we are, and serves to remind us of how far we have come.  Some of it is atrocious and horrible. If doing this really is going to change the world for the better then we had better consider tearing down the Coliseum in Rome, Louisbourg in Nova Scotia, and, what the heck, all of the monuments erected in the exploits of the British Empire!

We are a result of our past.  To try and obliterate or destroy it only takes us back to what we are trying to forget.  It does nothing to move us forward.  What is the next step?  Do we burn all the history books in our schools and libraries?  Do we silence all the history teachers?

Sadly, leadership seems to be crumbling in the world and the population is feeling the effects, reaching out for their own solutions, or with their own agendas.

We need Peace ………

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The Best Boss

I was asked the other day, “who was your best boss”.  I had to think on that for a while.  I learned from all the bosses I had over the years.  From some I learned what to do, others what not to do.

I remember the patience of my boss when I was hired by the provincial government as an apprentice cartographic draughtsman.  I remember how frugal (avoiding another word) my boss was in my first position with MacMillan Bloedel in Vancouver.  When I took over the Supervisor of Administration position at MB, the boss and I did not get along, but I admired the fact that he always said what was on his mind so whether you liked it or not, you knew where he was coming from.

In my last position with MacMillan Bloedel, I really had several bosses, although I only reported to one on paper.  This was the best ‘boss’.  I had always been blessed with freedom to do what worked for the company but learned the most in those last months of my time with them.

What really stands out is being given a task to do and then being left to do it but always available for mentoring.  Being asked for my opinion and genuinely receiving and using it.  Time and time again you could see the evidence of good, transparent communication and respect for those on the front lines of the company.

When I left the forest industry I fell into a position doing Employment Counselling.  My boss was another who left me alone to figure it out.  He had faith that I had the skills to do the job ad left me to do it.  This was probably the best three years of my working career, partly due to his leadership and partly because of the organization that he built with this leadership.

The best ‘boss’ was really a ‘leader’ who brought out the best in me and I was fortunate to have had a couple.

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Paying Attention!

Ever wonder how some businesses seem to always be on the cutting edge?  It is not really that much of a surprise.  It usually is a combination of networking and observation.

Networking will connect you with the information in the community.  Who’s who, and who is doing what and when.  Observation is a bit more hidden but can offer a great deal of information.

On Vancouver Island, the Business Examiner not only has articles about successful existing businesses, but also new ventures coming to the island.  It also has contacts for those businesses as well as a focus on people who are moving jobs or newly appointed.

In addition, having a connection to your local Chamber of Commerce is vital to keep current on what is happening in your community.  This provides an opportunity to connect with the business community through the various events provided for the members.

Another source of information is the Major Projects Inventory.  This quarterly report is produced by the BC Government and can be found on their website and doing a search for ‘Major Projects Inventory’.  It contains information by region and community on proposed and ongoing projects in the province over $15 million, except in the lower mainland where it is $20 million.  By researching the projects, one can determine if there might be opportunities to be a supplier or if it might create new business ideas in your community.

Some folk watch the building permits in their communities to see what is coming and how that might affect their business.  It is an indicator of where the growth is taking place and whether it is commercial or residential.

Others attend the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance Economic Summit held each year in October.  This gives an overview of the economy and economic trends on Vancouver Island and the best opportunity to network with the movers and shakers from all levels of government, First Nations, large and small business.  There are keynotes, workshops, and seminars on current topics affecting Vancouver Island.

Opportunity doesn’t always knock, sometimes you have to create the door!

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What’s Up?

We live in interesting times.  Sometimes moving in two or three directions at once.  Case in point, we have a movement trying to eliminate bottled water and disposable cups, yet the coffee industry in their desire to give us convenience are producing millions of coffee pods that cannot be recycled.

The world is moving towards solar energy but we are building a colossal dam.  The cost of electricity from hydro installations is rising, while the cost of solar installations is dropping.  More and more people will opt for solar as it becomes reasonable, so who will pay for the dam?

Environmentalists would like to see us in electric cars and moving away from fossil fuels.  There is however, no discussion on the effect on the environment of increased mining of manganese, cobalt and nickel and the production facilities required to produce the batteries.

The elimination of oil as a fuel will certainly aid in curbing some of the pollution in the world but it will by no means eliminate the need for oil as it is used in the manufacture of the majority of things used in our homes.  Also, I think we are a few years away from an electric 747.  Aircraft are a huge consumer of fossil fuels.

We are inundated with plastic and have created industries to recycle the waste.  Instead of putting the onus on distributors and manufacturers who overpackage their goods it falls on the consumer to deal with it.

Growing up we lived in primarily what would be called farmland.  We never saw a deer.  Why? Our dogs ran freely and kept the deer population away.  We can’t have dogs running now, so the deer are safe in our communities and people do feed them.  Try and keep anyone away from a free meal!  Now people are upset because there are Cougars coming into the communities.  Guess what? That is their free meal and its plentiful!

We are in an era where there is a push to move to organic foods.  But the certification process for a producer is onerous and expensive and, as a result, is reflected in the price.  Yet the producer who uses chemical controls and additives on what they produce does not have the same expenses.  Seems a little backwards!

Every action has a reaction.  Sometimes it is not the one we necessarily want.

Our actions and reactions need to be thought out carefully and thoroughly.  None of these items are simple so there will be no simple solutions, and probably some will only be compromises.

Remember, minds are like parachutes, not very useful unless they are open.

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Changes and Opportunities

Looking back, the face of business in my lifetime has had quite a ride.  As a teenager in Five Acres in Nanaimo, I remember the neighbourhood and what it provided to our family.  Our eggs came from two blocks away, our milk from a block away, and next door was a cheese maker and where we also got our pork.  For the vegetables that we did not raise ourselves, the Malkin’s truck made weekly visits to the neighbourhood, bringing the market to our door.

Everyone went downtown on Friday night and it was a social gathering as well as getting the supplies needed for the coming week.  There were 3 butcher shops on Commercial Street.  The one I remember was close to the Queen’s Hotel where deer and beef hung in the open, side by side, aging.  Eaton’s was the fixture downtown and a destination.  The liquor store was on Cavan Street and was long before self-serve came into being.  Everything you needed was in a 4 block strip!

Gradually things got busier and Simpson Sears came to the downtown core along with Safeway, providing more one-stop shopping.  As the city advanced towards Departure Bay, more retail development followed and people no longer needed to go downtown as much.

The major change in retail came in 1980 when three major malls were constructed.  Nanaimo became the retail capital of Vancouver Island!  We were the major shopping centre for everything North of Ladysmith on the Island as well as Powell River.  The effect on the downtown core was devastating.  Businesses had little hope in marketing against the giants as they had never had to compete for business.

Gradually the downtown lost businesses as the traffic they had enjoyed was no longer there.  More and more grocery chains began to appear closer to the newer areas of the city, each with a meat department so the independent butcher shops began to close.  People were enthralled at the variety of shops and services in one location at the malls, also a dry location during the rains.  There was a new place for the Friday night social!

But, people eventually tired of the generic store offerings and the downtown began to rebuild its retail once more, but with more boutique shops and services.  It has become a destination once again with its coffee shops, cafes, and waterfront attractions.

Those that survived over the years and the changes that took place, did not just see the negative side of the change, they saw the opportunities that presented themselves.  In business, there are things that you have control over, and things you don’t.  As the song says, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away”.  But, you also have control over what you do and the way you do it, so the entrepreneurs that are in the community today, saw the opportunity and ran with it.

Many changes have occurred over the years, not only in Nanaimo, but in all communities big and small.  The one thing that has not changed is we all need work, food, and shelter.

Where is your opportunity in this changing landscape?

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The Truth According to ……..

We are constantly being bombarded by social media, newspapers, television, radio, websites, blogs, etc., that all have compelling stories and posts that evoke our emotions. (Fear, love, displeasure, etc., etc.)  What is sad is many people take these at face value, while others take them as gospel.

We seem to have lost the ability to reason and research. No story or argument has just one side.  Sometimes there are three sides; both sides of the discussion and then there is the truth!

Taking things at face value can ruin relationships, promote hate, and, in today’s technology, spread erroneous information at the speed of light and it is there forever.  We need to use caution when viewing media messages.  We can cause unnecessary hurt and concern where there need be none.

The era of ‘Fake News’ is not new!  It has been with us as long as communication has existed.  It is reaching prominence as a result of a certain politician, but it certainly is not new.

Throughout history communication has been used to purposely manipulate facts, sometimes with the best of intentions, but with the same devastating results.  What is new is the reliance on social media and the instantaneous responses to what has been posted.

Let’s return to the posture of stepping back from what we read, see, or hear, and ensure we have explored I thought before forming an opinion.  It may not change our opinion, but will at least give us a perspective on the other side of the issue.

It sometimes goes by another name, ‘Education’.

As always, feel free to share this post giving credit to the author.

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