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The Art of Writing

I’m not talking about novels, or blogs, I’m talking about everyday written communication.  It used to be in business you hand wrote on a three-part memogram, tore out the pink copy for your records, and forwarded the white and green … Continue reading

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What was I Thinking – or was I?

According to Statistics Canada, 64% of Canadians are on social media.  Facebook has the highest percentage of users at 71% with 87% of them between the ages of 18 – 29.  The average user spends 40 minutes a day on … Continue reading

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Is Social Media creating non-thinkers?

I’m seeing a very disturbing trend on social media.  People are blindly re-posting articles that are one-sided and in many cases untrue, or at best partly true.  Some of the posts are blatant lies! If you see a post on … Continue reading

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Are You Reaching Your Target?

Twenty-five years ago if you were in business you might advertise on radio, TV, or through newspaper advertising. You might belong to the local Chamber of Commerce and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.  Besides word of mouth these were the … Continue reading

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