Team Building – Nanaimo Airport Commission
Mike Hooper, President and CEO – Nanaimo Airport Commission. The program offers a solid foundation for team building as it applies to communication, understanding individual differences and implementing change in the workplace.

Doug Fern, Safety and Security Officer – Nanaimo Airport Commission. It is good to analyse ourselves and find ways to improve even if we feel we can’t. We don’t have to change who we are but we can enhance who we are and how we function.

Shari Barker, Environment Data Specialist – Nanaimo Airport Commission. There is always something to learn about yourself and each other as each individual grows. Communication and understanding is key to work and personal life. This course is a great tool.

Emma Hamilton, Office Administration, Nanaimo Airport Commission. I think it is a valuable tool in helping to understand each person and understand the reasons why they think and act the way they do. I would strongly recommend this to families that have developed/grow through marriage/partners etc.

Lynn Behnke, Business Manager – Nanaimo Airport Commission. Definitely would be highly valuable to others in business or personal life.

Reg Brady, Operations and Maintenance Manager – Nanaimo Airport Commission. I think other groups may work through challenges and may not have a process to work through them

Team Building – Central Vancouver Island Job Opportunities Building Society Board

Lynne Pearson, Treasurer – CVIJOBS: “Knowing these aspects (preferences) of different individuals on a board helps communication and decision making”

Perry Perry, Vice-President – CVIJOBS: “Both the individual Step II Interpretive Report and Team Report would be helpful, hands-on, visual, experiential for Boards – they can see, feel, experience the concept, how they communicate.” “Living Type Table just great, eye opening.”

Dave Johnston, Director – CVIJOBS, Branch Manager, Coastal Community Credit Union, Parksville: “Great 1 on 1 session – facilitators consistently checked in with me for feedback (pulse checks).” “Facilitators had great, in-depth knowledge of MBTI.” “Thank you – thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

Debbie Tardiff, Director – CVIJOBS, Communications Officer, City of Parksville: “I felt comfortable – thanks to you both!” “The information for a newbie is definitely overwhelming. I’ve never/ever felt comfortable evaluating or talking about me – and it was OK!” “You make it, the info and learning the ‘system’ most interesting. Great balance between you two – complimentary.” “I can see a number of applications in other boards and work situations.”

Joyce Morrison – President and Chair, CVIJOBS: “Very valuable, especially for teams who must get along well in the workplace and achieve goals.”

Neil Worboys – Secretary, CVIJOBS: “Facilitation was straightforward and non-judgmental. Both worked well with our group.”

Cyndy Ireland-Bresden – Executive Director, The Career Centre: “Always (felt) safe and respected – assured everyone that they are ‘preferences’ – no right/wrong. Humour made everyone feel comfortable.” “Very good understanding of self and others types. Great co-facilitation – you guys (Susan and Larry) work very well together.” “Typing the team was great – helps me to understand why the group is able to accomplish so much and why it is a fit for me.”

Corporate Associates.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry on client projects on multiple occasions. Thorough, practical and insightful are words that come to mind in describing Larry’s contrubution to not only HR but other business areas. I have great respect for the fact that Larry provides what the client needs to know, not only what they want to know and then he backs it up with the how to’s and the support to make it happen in a positive process. I have and will continue to recomend Larry with total confidence. Sincerely, Greg McLaren, Managing Director, Business Advisory Team Inc.”

Career Coaching Clients

“Larry is a professional. He takes care and pride in his work. The assessment he completed is a valuable tool that I still refer to regularly.” Tanya Turner

“During a time of transition in my career, Larry helped me to look at my direction in a new light. In working through Myers Briggs with Larry, I took away tangible insights as to how my personality is best suited for a career or specific type of role. Larry has an amazing way of breaking down information. He uses simple examples that bring concepts to life.” Donya Baker

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