What We Do

The following is a partial listing of where we can be of assistance to organizations and individuals.  If you do not see what you need, please feel free to contact us.


  • Bullying and Harassment – compliance with WorkSafeBC’s Bill 14 which puts the onus on employers to educate their employees
  • Succession Planning – are you prepared if one of your key employees cannot work due to illness or quits?
  • Recruitment and Retention – assistance with hiring, managing and keeping the best
  • Policies and Procedures – as an organization grows these become necessary for consistency
  • Position Descriptions and Evaluations – necessary tools for hiring and managing employees
  • Team Building Workshops

–        Optimizing Team Strengths

–        Optimizing Communications

–        Optimizing Conflict Management

–        Optimizing Stress Management

–        Optimizing Change Management


  • Life Coaching – If there is a gap between where you are and where you would like to be in your life.
  • Career Transition – If you are employed but want more from your career we can:

–        Help you identify your workplace skills

–        Uncover your transferrable skills

–        Offer interest and personality assessments

–        Coach you through the interview process

–        Provide support and accountability

  • Business Start-up

–        Business plan assistance and support

  • Retirement Transition – Society tends put its focus only on the financial aspects of retirement, when in reality there are a myriad of changes occurring.

–        Physical

–        Emotional

–        Psychological

–        Relational

–        Status

–        Career identity

If both you and your spouse are retiring at the same time you will be spending 2,500 more hours together per year!  Many find this a challenge to get used to and can benefit from a personality assessment and debriefing.

  • Family Dynamics – Families can use the information gained from the Myers-Briggs® and Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicators to celebrate strengths, support developing personalities, understand learning styles, and promote healthy conflict resolution.

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